Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des Fantastischen Films
Bibliography of Fantastic Film
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

As my native language is German most of the links at this list refer to web pages in German. If a site with a non English title is in English it's pointed out in the annotations. You are welcome to add or correct a link, just send me an email.

Table of contents
Generals, media related search engines and linklists
  • Cinemedia
    Probably the largest compilation of filmlinks on the Internet.
  • Deutsche Massen- und Medienkultur (Andreas Lixl-Purcell)
    The German language media-site of the University of North Carolina has a respectable amount of film links.
  • Dubbing
    Search engine for film, television and new media.
    A web catalogue from and for journalists, structured by topics.
  • Netzwerk-Mediatheken
    A comprehensive register of both German and foreign archives, librarys and research institutions dealing with media issues. Very useful: The list of online data banks and the linklist.
    Detailed and well sorted collection of links including a chapter on cinema and movies.
  • Wikipedia
    The interactive online encyclopedia is an impressing example for what the internet originally stands for: the free and uncensored exchange of information.
Universities, research institutions, libraries, archives
Associations, clubs, festivals and other events
Dictionaries, film encyclopedia
  • Fachinformation Filmwissenschaft
    This Internet site created by Daniel Kälberer contains comprehensive literature lists, a person and a subject index. Both books and magazine articles are mentioned. The bibliography is regularly updated. Text in English.
  • Film Literature Index
    The reduced online edition of the most comprehensive printed film bibliography. Text in English.
  • ingentaconnect
    Due to self-description the "world's largest resource for scholarly publications". Offers ten thousands of publications with search functions for titles, subjects and publishers. Free abstracts available.
  • Media Resources Center
    The University of California at Berkeley offers some comprehensive online film bibliographies including literature lists on horror and science fiction film.
  • Project Muse
    Outstanding internet research source offers articles from hundreds of scholary journals worldwide (mainly in English). Free abstracts available.
  • Science Fiction Research Bibliography
    Bibliography of SF secondary material by the Holland Library at the Washington State University.
  • Vampiricus Europeana: Cinema and Television
    The bibliography is part of Melinda K. Hayes's "Vampiri Europeana", an outstanding useful bibliography of non-English publications on the vampire motif.
Publishing companies, traders, stores
Web portals on film and media issues
  • Ad Agency India
    Cine dreams film corporation specializes in arranging international film shoot in India.
  • AK (Arbeitskreis) Horrorfilm
    German web portal dedicated to horror film. Includes a bibliography and a link list.
  • All Movie Guide
    Includes film titles and biographical information.
    Online film encyclopedia structured by topics including action and adventure, anime and horror film.
    Very informative web portal that offers detailed and substancial reviews of both recent and older films. In addition, the site has DVD reviews, tips for the actual (German) television program and interviews with various people from the film business.
    Information on demons in history, literature and film including a structured film list and links. An English version is available.
    The internet site of Jan-Eric Loebe treats the German sound film from 1929 to 1972 and offers a lot of information on films and people working in the film business of that time. The site contains remarkable well investigated bio- and filmographies with detailed production and stuff lists. An excellent treasure trove!
  • Dieter Wunderlich
    The well designed website of German author Dieter Wunderlich contains a lot of book and film reviews, each with an detailed summary. Take care: In most cases the summery tells the film ending!
  • Fernsehserien
    Info on series shown on German TV.
    Information on television series from the 1970th and 1980th including actual programe announcements for German TV and links.
  • Film und Theologie
    International research project on religious issues in film based on several European universities. The results of the interdisciplinary work are documented in the book series "Film und Theologie" ("Film and Theology"). An English version of the website is also available.
    Extraordinary site which starts where other film reviews end with an ... The film list is sorted alphabetically.
    The English language site edited by Olaf Brill is dedicated to the German film after World War I (including the highlights of German expressionistic fantastic film). It contains a lot of demanding film and book reviews as well as some biographies of important directors and actors of that period.
    The quasi-official "central platform for information on German film" contains a lot of high quality material including many film reviews.
    The "Online Magazine for Film Critic" is published by students of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Dusseldorf (Germany). The site contains detailed film critics of high quality with additional credits to each entry. The emphasis lies on new films, but some classics are also featured.
    Online movie magazine including information on new movies, video and DVD titles plus a film data bank. Each entry has short credits and a high standard review. Several articles on film-related topics are available online.
  • Haikos Filmlexikon
    Extensive collection of film reviews.
  • Horror-Page
    German Internet site dedicated to splatter film, including short reviews, film trailers, DVD reviews and subject articles.
  • The Internet Movie Database
    Truly "earth's biggest film data bank".
  • KinderFilmWelt
    German site with useful tips for young cinema lovers.
  • Mandy's International Film and TV Production Directory
    Useful database with refers to persons and institutions from the film business.
  • Movie-Mistakes
    Interesting and funny.
    A lot of film related information including a detailed link list sorted by subjects.
    Belongs to the SF fansites of Florian Breitsameter. It covers information on new films and an extensive link list.
    The homepage of Zurich film scientist Simon Spiegel contains a number of high quality and detailed film reviews.
  • Stefan Höltgen
    The Internet site of the author, film scientist and co-editor of the German magazine F.LM - Texte zum Film contains information on his own work as well as film reviews and an extensive link list.
  • Unicorn Media KinoTV
    Information on film, movie and television in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German-language countries. The site includes a film data bank, a list of shooting locations and an extended link list.
  • Vampires online
    Data bank on vampire films. Each film entry with short credits, a content summary and a short review.
Web portals on single persons and film titles
  • [Angerer der Ältere] Angerer der Ältere
    Homepage of the artist who, among others, worked for George Miller's "The Neverending Story II".
  • [Blade Runner]
    Official film site with lots of background information.
  • [Cronenberg, David] David Cronenberg
  • [Greenaway, Peter]
  • [Lynch, David] David Lynch
    Well done site on David Lynch by Hans Heydebreek, includes filmography and an detailed bibliography. Text in English.
  • [Lynch, David] David Lynch on Artsy
    A collection of artworks by David Lynch including gallery and purchase info links.
  • [Matrix] "Matrix"
    A lot of material on the Matrix universe including a very informative examination paper by Christof Wolf for download (text in German).
  • [Murnau, Friedrich Wilhelm] Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Gesellschaft
    A lot of useful information on the "Nosferatu" director, including a filmography and a annotated bibliography. Text in German and English.
  • [Star Wars] Wookieepedia
    Star Wars wiki with plenty of information on the series. Available in several languages.
Technique (HTML, CSS and more)
    (Nearly) everything You always wanted to know about HTML and CSS but were unsure where to find the right answers: SELFHTML is an outstanding web programming aid for beginners and professionals. Available in German, English and some other languages.
  • W3C Markup Validation Service
    A free service of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which shows You if Your websites are congruent to (X)HTML standard or not.
  • Galerie Sheriban Türkmen
    Homepage of Berlin goldsmith and artist Sehriban Türkmen.
  • Pfalzstaff
    Berlin wine store with Palatinate beverages and food specialities.
    Are You a journalist and sometimes upset about Your own mistakes? Others did worse ... (of course it's only fun if You understand German)
  • smArtdesign
    Take a look at Eva Davies's unique Heidelberg furniture and accessoire shop.
Bibliografie des fantastischen Films / Bibliography of Fantastic Film

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